May 5, 2022

Sea Containers Restaurant London
London, UK

Sea Containers Restaurant London - London, UK

Is Our Digital Future at Risk?

2020 and 2021 brought a new dawn for cybercrime and info security with no slowdown signs for 2022. Organizations have been migrating applications to not one, but several clouds and leveraging new software architectures to increase the agility and feature velocity of their application development. The increase in distributed and hybrid infrastructure and application complexity comes with challenges to keep control of the wide threat surface of the organization. 

Attackers have been organizing their underground ecosystems and gathered a lot of following from skilled hackers-for-hire and affiliates that would be happy to enjoy the profits of large extortion campaigns. Attacks have shifted from automated to human operated attacks. The attacker economy is in disbalance with the defenders' budgets and there is little to no opportunity to take out the economy from the hack by putting up more barriers and making it more costly and time-consuming for attackers to breach organizations and infrastructures. Attackers are sitting on a mountain of crypto gold and they will decide how they will spend it. The security community will have to be vigilant and organizations will have to make considerable efforts to keep their threat surface under control. 

In this roundtable we will discuss:

  • The current scenario of the advanced cybercrime 
  • The impact of the distributed and hybrid infrastructure complexity in info security
  • How to keep control when velocity is key [to application development]
  • Will ransomware ever be resolved or will we need to learn to live with it



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